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Summary of the establishment and history of Lyudao Prison

  In fall and winter, the chill north-eastern monsoon knocks the windows of Lyudao Prison. In spring and summer, the humid and hot south-eastern foehn visits the wall of Lyudao Prison as usual. Time goes on and on like a running white horse. After 40 years, Green Island has become a popular tourist scenery spot for Taiwan with its convenient marine and aerial transportation and its unique beautiful landscapes. A large number of tourists come here every year and bring prosperity to the island. Like what Township Chief Chen Tian-fei predicted before, "people will come to Green Island after certain organization is established here. People will come here and spend money and islanders' life will get improved then." Taiwan Lyudao Prison was planned on July 1st, 1970, constructed on February 5th, 1971, and initially completed and inaugurated in September, 1972. Now it has become a historic scenery spot for tourists. Each tourist visiting the prison must want to take a picture at the gate and leave some impressive memory.
  People understand the present by referring to the past. The word by word script of the precious oral history by the first warden Mr. Zhang Jian-jin, and the copied black and old photos make junior generations pass through time, review and memorize the spirits of predecessors. The experience also enlarges the new vision of prison politics. People can realize the essence of the establishing history, learn from the model and enlightenment, and take it as the improving idea for the renovation of prison politics.
  If jurisdiction is the last defense of justice, prison politics must be the last defense of jurisdiction. The standard of prison politics is closely related to the enforcing effects of the whole legal system and to the result of government's crime prevention. Besides, it brings shocks to social stability and national competition in a sense. The prison is the last defense for the management and inspection of criminals in all prisons in Taiwan. It remains its historical meaning and eternal status today. Besides the firm basis found by the founding predecessors, it also depends on the diligent maintenance and glorification by all wardens. The Green Island Serenade will be inherited on and on with the new age for prison politics (the establishment of Correction Administration).


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