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Remote Reception

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  • Last updated:2022-06-21
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Remote Reception

To facilitate prison's relatives remotely meeting the prison in Lyudao Prison through the video equipment equipped at the correction authority nearby their residence rather than personally moving to Lyudao for the meeting, we hence has processed this convenient remote reception application.

1. Application procedure:
Fill out the application sheet of remote reception that can be acquired at the information table of Lyudao Prison reception room or directly downloaded from the Ministry of Justice Website:


To apply for remote reception, applicant should submit related proving document to the entity of prisoner's relative along with the application sheet, and mail (by registered mail) or fax them to the Lyudao Prison at least one week prior to the said reception day. After the Lyudao Prison has approved the reception application, it will reply the applicant for the specific reception date and time by call, writing or email. Applicant should, after receiving the approving notice, carry his/her original personal ID document and follow the reception date & time being noticed to the authority performing the remote reception ; after filling out the remote reception registering sheet, applicant then can start the on-line remote meeting right away.

2. Scope applied to:

Prisoner's spouse, direct consanguinities, indirect consanguinities within three-tier scope, or in-laws relatives within two-tier scope.

3. Scope not applied to:

Prisoner being banned to any reception or mail correspondence by prosecutor or judge, or being pended for the reception rights from breaking regulations and is still under assessing procedure.

If applicant hasn't followed the scheduled time to perform the approved remote receptions for three times, then, the Lyudao Prison may terminate the applicant's right of making remote reception for three months.

4. Reception time:
14:00-16:30, Monday to Friday; the reception time is 30 minutes and one time for an application only.

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