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Frequently Asked Questions

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Regulations for A Visit
Q: How do I get to the Lyudao prison and what is its telephone number?
A: The address of Lyudao prison: No. 192, Zhong Liao Village, Lyu Dao Township, Taitung County 95141, Taiwan, R.O.C.The distance between Lyudao Airport and Lyudao Prison is about 1.5 km .The distance between Lyudao Harbor and Lyudao Prison is about 3.5 km .By airplane: Taitung─Lyudao.Take train to Taitung Station first then, take DINGDONG Bus (sea pne) to downtown bus terminal; transfer to airport or Fu Gang Harbor by other bus.Take train to Taitung Station and take taxi to airport or harbor; taxi driver will charge the transporting cost by negotiation (not by distance meter record).Daily Air: reservation hotline: (07)801-4711.Taitung: (089)326-362.Lyudao: (089)671-261.Follow the airline company to update the flight schedule.By boat: Taitung【Fu-Gang Fishery Harbor】─Lyudao 【Nanliao Fishery Harbor】
JINXING Ship: (089)281-477
Lyudao Star Ship: (089)280-226
KAIXUAN Ship: (089)281-047

The sailing time is about an hour. Passengers easy to be seasick don't eat before boarding.http://www.ezboat.com.tw.For more information, you can call 089-672005.

Q: When can I register for a visit?
A: The prison opens for visitors from 7:30 am to 11:30 am and from 1:30 pm to 4 pm Monday through Friday and the first Sunday of every month. You can register at the same time. (The additional visiting time for traditional or national holidays will be announced on our website.)

Q: What do I need to carry for applying a visit?
A: The applicant need to show a picture ID (passport or driving license) and the household registration (or whatever document can prove their relationship with the inmates). Foreigner need to show a valid passport and customs entry permit.

Q: Who can apply a visit and how frequent he/she can visit?
A: According to the law of prison execution and treatments of the prisoner article 54, 55, and 56:

  1. The visitors for Class IV inmates are limited to spouses, lineal relatives, collateral relatives by blood within third degree of kinship, or relatives by marriage within second degree of kinship.
  2. The visitors for Class III inmates and above are allowed for non relatives subject to prisoners' educational and correctional concerns.
  3. Class IV inmates can have visitors once a week (any day of the week), class III inmates once every 4 days, class II inmates once every 3 days and class I inmates once every day. (The visit will be postponed on a national holiday.) Level 1:Every day (holiday not include).

Q: Are there limitations or regulations needed to be paid attention in a visit?
A: Visitors will be denial or stopped a visit, if they:

  1. Cannot show a valid pictured ID, household registration or any proven document;
  2. Violate the prison regulations or management;
  3. Are intoxicated or mental disordered;
  4. Carry a weapon or dangerous forbidden object;
  5. Assume the identity of another person;
  6. Come with registered visitors but they themselves are not registered.
  7. Limited two visitors for the same inmate per visit.

Q: What is distant visit?
A: To avoid the transportation hassles, the Ministry of Justice allowed relatives of inmates to visit them through internet at nearby prison.

Q: Who may apply for long distance visit?

  1. Visitors are limited to spouses, lineal relatives, collateral relatives by blood within third degree of kinship, or relatives by marriage within second degree of kinship. (Limited 2 visitors per visit)
  2. Newly applied to those spouses or lineal relatives who are inmates of different prisons, either one can apply distant visit at his/her local prison with proven documents

Q: How do I apply distant visit?

  1. Fill out the application form of distant visit, available at the visitor information center at nearby prison or downloading from the website of Ministry of Justice.
  2. Attached with proven documents-proof of relatives (e.g. household registration) and photocopy of both sides of personal ID together with most preferred visit timing, send by registered mail or by faxing to the prison where the inmates is living a week ahead. The Fax No. of Lyudao Prison: 089-672752
  3. Waiting for the reply-we will notice you the result of your application and approval date by telephone call or fax.
  4. Carry valid picture ID and proven documents to your nearby prison and fill out the registration form for distant visit then you can visit the inmate through internet.

Q: What is an appointment visit?
A: To avoid the long queue at the registration desk in visitor center, visitors can arrange a visit by appointment.

Q: Who can make an appointment visit?
Making an appointment on website: limited to spouses, lineal relatives, collateral relatives by blood within third degree of kinship, or relatives by marriage within second degree of kinship, for those who have regular visit more than once or had distant visit before.

  1. Making an appointment at the registration desk in visitor center: limited to spouses, lineal relatives, collateral relatives by blood within third degree of kinship, or relatives by marriage within second degree of kinship, for those who are first time visitors.

Q: How do I make an appointment visit?
A: The process for making an appointment for a visit is as follows:

  1. Making an appointment on website or at the registration desk:
    1. You can visit our website at www.vst.moj.gov.tw and follow the directions.
    2. Making an appointment at the registration desk in visitor center.
  2. Applicants need to check the results for approval one day before the appointment date on website.
  3. Applicants need to arrive to the prison where the inmate is located 30 minutes in advance on the appointment date with valid picture ID after approval. 

Applicants can apply the next appointment visit only after the last appointment date.

Regulations for Sending Articles to Inmates
Q: When can I send foods to Inmates?
A:According to the Regulations of Rehabilitation, inmates are not allowed outside foods except for certain festivals announced on website and at visitor information center.

  1. Food will be inspected , and not over 2Kg in weight.
  2. Unhealthy , illegal item , alcohol or raw item are not allowed
  3. Uninspectble or may not be consumed item after inspected food are not allowed:
    1. Tea
    2. Foods in crystal or powder such as salt, sugar or milk powder, liquid foods and frozen foods.
    3. Uncut whole fish, chunk meat or long stem vegetable unless cut by the sender in small pieces or thin slices.
    4. helled sea foods or nuts unless the shells removed by the sender.
    5. Unopened canned foods unless the can opened, liquid drained and foods put inside a transparent plastic bag by the sender.
    6. Others identified as non examinable and in bad quality or uneatable.
  4. Fruits sent from outside need to be cut or peeled off
  5. The outside foods can be admitted only if the sender still agrees to the food exams after the officers inform that the appearance and taste of foods could be distorted during the examining process.

Q: How do I send a parcel to inmates?
A: Procedure on send in package:

  1. The inmates need to file a report to apply for receiving a parcel from their family. They will get a parcel permit to mail home if admitted.
  2. The family can pack and send in the admitted items listed on the permit through the window at the visitor center or mail the parcel with permit stuck outside easily to tell.

Q: How do I send money to the inmates?
A: There are two ways to send money:

  1. Sending money through the window at the visitor center, upper limit NTD.8000
  2. Sending money order by registered mail, upper limit NTD. 8000. The daily allowable spending on regular supplies is NTD200 only, sending too much money to the inmates in unnecessary to avoid financial extravagance.

Q: How do I send medicines to inmates?
A: The family can carry the prescription drugs and come to the reception center to fill an affidavit and related information. Drug bags with medical description including names, ingredients and usages for each medicine are required for verification. After checking the ID of sender and the approval from the personnel of medical division in prison, the medicines will be delivered for serving.

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