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Ordinary Reception

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  • Last updated:2022-06-21
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Ordinary Reception

1. Scope applied to:

(1) Prisoner's spouse, direct consanguinities, indirect consanguinities within three-tier scope, or in-laws relatives within two-tier scope.
(2) Necessary to meet together and won't hinder prison's discipline.

2. Scope not applied to:

 Prisoner being banned to any reception or mail correspondence by prosecutor or judge, or being pended for the reception rights from breaking regulations

3. Restricted reception objectives:

(1) Level-4 prisoners may meet their relatives.
(2) Level-3 and above prisoners may meet non-relative visitors.
(3) Objectives meeting quarantined prisoners are restricted to prisoner's most close relative and family members only.

4. Allowable reception frequency:

(1) Level-4 prisoners: once per week.
(2) Level-3 prisoners: once or twice per week.
(3) Level-2 prisoners: once per each three days.
(4) Level-1 prisoners: no restriction.

5. Reception time:

08:30~11:00, 13:30~16:00, Monday to Friday; the reception time is 30 minutes.

6. ID document to be carried:

Personal ID card or others that can prove the applicant's entity and relation with the prisoner applied.

7. Reservation process:

(1) Applicant can make reservation on the office day prior to the reception day by calling for the reservation hotline (089)672005
(2) If the field review result differs to the reservation content, no reception is allowed.
(3) No reservation performed on holidays or during the Chinese Lunar Year Vacation.

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