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Food Branch finished

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Making sliced bonito

Making sliced bonito

The Kuroshio of the Pacific passes by the Green Island from the north to the south all year round bringing warm current and clean water that makes the ideal environment for bonito and tuna fish in large amount. People on Green Island used to make the 2 species into dried fish in a traditional way. The nutritional item is a favorite dish for the locals.


To boost the traditional industry and to further polish the bonito making, a joint effort is under way with the local fishermen, who provide fishing boats for fresh bonito, tuna fish plus technical instructions, which later turns into the processing plant for sliced bonito, where the traditional way is followed without additives for the specially flavored item at affordable price.
Minister of Justice XI visiting the bonito plant



We have a display room by the main trance to the facility open to the public.

Inquiry line: Business Section at 089-672097, 089-671502 Ext. 205

Address: No. 192, Zhongliao Village, Lyudao Township, Taitung County





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