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Special counseling

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  • Last updated:2023-01-16
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Special counseling

Special Counseling Team

Of the entire body of inmates at this facility, some are really hard to change for their radical thoughts. Failure to achieve successful communication and preliminary counseling, the same need to seek further counseling of mental therapies.


Special counseling crews
The counseling team consists of volunteers, religious volunteers, section chiefs at this facility, instructors, contracted mental doctors and psychology counselors.


Volunteer LIN Shaoqi,Liou li-si, Sister PAN working on case counseling.


Method of practice

For the inmates of a special case, crews from different teams would take turn in giving special counseling. In a session, the crews would listen to the unsatisfied inmate before sorting out the needs and the causes for timely solutions. In case of amentia or severe misconduct, the inmate would then be transferred to a psychologist for therapy and a psychology counselor would be asked for counseling on the misconduct.



After intensive counseling sessions and careful listening to the case, the case would become gradually convinced for reformation, when the two-way communication would become successful. Once the incorrect and rebellious mind is straightened, the case would then be allowed in the inmate body.


Volunteer instructors Mrs. ZENG, ZHANG Bean, Master Xishenghua on case counseling


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