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White Paper on Community Service

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  • Last updated:2022-06-21
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White Paper


As old days are gone, "Green Island" , which used to be viewed as a devil island is now one of the major tourist attractions in Taiwan . This facility is today a must-visit destination to people coming to the island. This facility was established, for its isolation from the rest of the world, for the inmates considered to be the hardest ones from other prisons in Taiwan . With its supreme management and dedication of the entire staff delivering care, patience and enthusiasm, the inmates here work with experts and volunteers. Following the principle of service, we extend our service to the family of the inmates as well as the neighboring community. By the law, at this facility, we are determined to render protection of the interest of the public and we are looking forward to your support and comments, which we believe is motive of our ever-improving service.


Our Job

As the only off-shore prison under intensive management, we take only male inmates assigned for correction and isolation as specified in the clauses of 1 in Remarks on Transferring Inmates from Correctional Facilities, Ministry of Justice, to Green Island Prison, Taiwan. The main tasks in this facility are criminal correction, guard and control, teaching, counseling, skill training, health care, progressive treatment and parole processing among other business as part of the effort of prison administration reform for successful correction.


Fundamentals of our service

Initiative handling: Public service is to render to all cases, major or minor and with equal care and thinking of the interest of the party concerned, assuring successful solutions.

Professionalism: All personnel involved shall be fully aware of the rules, codes and delivering immediate answers to all questions, assuring that the party concerned does receive correct and satisfactory answers as soon as possible.

Two-way communication: All service is to be rendered kindly and by abiding by the law assuring that the party concerned receives assistance to legal requests and all illegal requests shall be rejected in a polite way.

Sympathy: Being fully concerned about the party concerned and be sure to listen to the inquiry and claim before explaining calmly. In case of misunderstanding, further explanations shall be rendered with more patience.


Service hour

Regular administration business: 8:00 to 12:00 AM in the morning, 01:30 to 05:30PM in the afternoon, Monday through Friday.

Hours for visits: 8:30 to 11:30 AM in the morning, 01:30 to 04:00PM in the afternoon, Monday through Friday and the first Sunday of the month at the same time as above


Services rendered by department in this facility


Investigation Section

Case investigation on newly admitted inmates with necessary assistance.

Contact the family of aged, disables inmates upon discharge for the safe return.

Sponsorship to the inmates with minimum economic resources with return travel expense upon discharge.

Contact personnel of Association for the Corrected with mental and physical disability and having no family to receive upon discharge for escort of inmates to the assigned place.


Edification and Education Section

Introduction of resources from the society: Religious teaching, volunteers for counseling and other public-interest bodies, such as Association for Concern of Inmates for campaigns in the facility on an irregular basis.

Cultural and entertaining programs: Reading seminars, family reunion parties and meeting with the family in person or by phone in the 3 major festivals, table tennis, basketball, poster and calligraphy contests.

For inmates with minimum economic resources and having no family to meet, the counselor is to provide free daily-living utilities.

Others: To provide consultancy on the law regarding parole and progressive treatments to the family.


Business Section

Incorporating traditional industries and cultural highlights, the sand-painting skill delivered in this facility is promoted through direct sale of the works made in this facility as a way to achieve the goal of training-application before boosting the traditional industry and merging the cultural resources.

Use of tourist resource for the perse measures, where this facility would become open to the public for more business as the marketing strategy is about. The more the income is created, the better the facility would become for the inmates.


Sanitation and Health Section

All administrative business in association with health care, such as reporting of hospitalization of inmates, medical care on bail or notification to the family; upgrading of quality of medical care, seeking partner medical agencies and inviting contracted physicians or part-time physicians.

Guard and Control Section

Initiative interaction with the family. To prevent from incidents during guard and control, initiative communication with the inmates is conducted and the family is kept in constant contact. Persuasive communications are conducted with emotional agitated inmates.

One-counter for visits and for improved service in this regard, full-time personnel are assigned for visits (ordinary visits, telephone visits and remote visits) assuring immediate and convenient visits with the family.

As part of the rational management based on care and patience and initiative concern, all claims are assured to go smooth and that, once discharged, the inmate becomes involved in the community immediately.

Amicable service rendered to the neighboring community including sweeping and adoption of streets and clean beaches as part of the effort of booming the local tourism.

Other consultancy on laws regarding family visits, claims acceptance and guard and control among others.


General Affair Section

Certification for chops and in-prison service: For successful application for social aids for the family

Home visits and funeral attendance: Efforts to help the inmates render family consolation.

Upgraded facilities for the disabled for disabled family.

Open parking lots for free parking available to the family.

To render active, enthusiastic and legal administrative, maintenance and purchase businesses to the general public.


Contact us

Please feel free to make comments on our service and we will try our best in rendering solutions or improvements. Your comments will help us grow.

Our address: No. 192, Zhongliao Village , Green Island , Taidong County

Telephone No. for claims: The Secretary's Office (089)672-041

Other offices: The Superintendent 's office (089)672-501

General Affairs Section: (089)672-502 Ext. 209

Roster Management Section : (089)672-502 Ext.228

Edification and Education Section : (089)672-502 Ext.231

Guard & Control: (089)672-005

Personnel Office : (089)672-099

Business Section : (089)672-097

The minister's mailbox: giph@mail.moj.gov.tw

For comments: gipmail@mail.moj.gov.tw

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