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Art works

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Record of skill training

Skill training

Sand painting class


The operations conducted in this facility are assigned to satisfy the environment of Greed Island and meeting the supply and demand between the materials and the final products an governed by the policy of Equal Attention to Skills Training and Operation. Sand painting: On January 24 2006 , the Sand Painting Course was launched again as part of the highlighted activities in this facility.
Sand painting works
 Sand painting works


Bonito Plant


In May 2007, the Bonito Plant is open for the processing and sale of bonito, an exclusive item in Green Island , to tourists.




Sliced bonito, a delicacy from the Green Island Prison


School bag


School bag


This facility outstands in

1. Handicraft: Experienced instructors for sound works worth collecting.

2. Laundry: Sound machinery plus outstanding skills for satisfactory service and immediately delivery.

For inquiry: Business Section: 089-672097 or 089-672502 Ext. 205. No. 192, Zhongliao Village , Green Island , Taidong County




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