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Historical Record

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  • Last updated:2023-01-16
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1.Lyudao Prison was under planned since 1970.7.1, and commenced the construction work since 1971.2.5. At then, the traffic state between Lyudao and Taitung was extremely inconvenient and frequently influenced by climate condition, the construction cost was outstanding; to save budget, the authority had selected 80 prisoners with construction skills from prisons in Taiwan to associate an outer task team building Lyudao Prison alone. Since it was difficult to transport construction materials cross the sea, the process was very tough and progress hard; in Sep 1972, the task team finally had completed phase 1 construction work and initiated it right away; the total construction cost is around NTD eight million.

2.The total land area of Lyudao Prison is 3.7 hectare; 2.7 hectare is inside the prison fence and another 1 hectare for outer space. The buildings contain a inner office building and a outer one, a RI-XIN-TANG building, 170 single-person cells, 48 multi-person cells, 3 calm-down cells, 20 quarantined cells, plus one work shop, one kitchen, one generator room, one laundry shop, one Buddhist temple, one inmate's shower room, one staff restaurant (class room) and one bath room.

3.Prisoner taken to Lyudao Prison: follow the prisoner classification result to receive the qualified prisoners, transferred from other prisons in Taiwan, that are most stubborn and difficult to teach to, or unable to teach them at all. This prison belongs to a highly quarantined one, the main purpose of building it is to utilize its isolated geographic character, collect special prisoners and strictly correct their behaviors; hoping to reform them back to the light side of life from dark one. Therefore, the Lyudao Prison can be called as the final defense line of Taiwan's prison system. Except facilitating other prisons to drive their prisoner-correction tasks, the Lyudao Prison also has contributed a lot to domestic public security and social peace as well.

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