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Work Status of Sections/Offices

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  • Last updated:2023-01-16
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指標 Investigation Classification Section: 
Nowadays, the criminal policy has been changed to reformism from the former threatening or retaliation one; therefore, punishments exerted to prisoners have also turned to individual dealing rather than group dealing. In order to meet the goal of individually punishing prisoners for what they did wrong, it has to investigate the related prisoners first; thus, the investigation classifying system has become the important measure to the present prisoners.

指標  Teaching Section: 
The first priority of teaching work is to educate and train prisoners in a kind and concern matter, tending to reform their behavior, add capabilities, strengthen physical health and cultivate normal character; expecting to conduct their dispositions to right side and urging them to repent for what they did wrong before. The Lyudao Prison mainly applies the teaching measure to conduct prisoners and with the assistance of entertaining activities.


指標 Operation Section: 
The purpose of operation is to train prisoners obtaining expertise and diligent habit; regarding the special environment of Lyudao Prison and supply status of operation materials/products, plus the “balancing of skill training and operation” policy, the Operation Section now has overcome many difficulties and built the operation items of sand paint, out-task operation service, farming, pasturage, laundry and wooden work. Since Jan 2003, due to the reduction of organization staff members, so far there are sand paint and laundry operation underway only.

指標  Health Section: 
Disease prevention: all new comers are taken physical exam; prisoners take physical exam quarterly. Moreover, the Prison accommodates to the Health Bureau of Taitung County to screen prisoner's AIDS antibody and reinforce the protection propagation. 
Medical care: since the Lyudao Prison is located in an isolated island, inconvenient to communicate with outer land, and relatively low payment makes it hard to recruit medical doctor landing to take care of patients, therefore, we've hired the director of Lyudao Township Health Office as the part-time doctor of Lyudao Prison, who comes to the Prison on every Monday and Thursday; besides, we've also recruited Dr. Chen Ming-Zhe, the chief doctor of psychological div, Taitung Hospital, as the part-time doctor of Lyudao Prison since Feb 1999, who comes to provide psychological therapy service once per a month.

指標  Custody Section: 
The custody and management aren't defined as to maintain the discipline in the Prison and objectively prevent any custody event exerted to prisoners; instead, it would positively cooperate with the various punishment or execution measures and expresses the correction function. 
To certify the Lyudao Prison's safety and fulfill the implementation of purification project made in the custody zone, the Custody Section has reinforced the task of safety checks in response. 
The Section also has built the monitoring center to control the latest status of prisoners and prevent unexpected events being occurred. The alternative military service attendees are performing full-time monitor recording task (24 hours per day) to secure evidence on any event and assist custody duty at buildings. To promote prison management personnel's quality, the new recruiters will take seven-day pre-duty training course and all staff members will take annual training program. 
To reinforce the prisoner's phone answer, either prisons or their relatives may apply for phone answer activity; after implementing this operation, the response is good and beneficial to calm down prisoner's mental status. And to deeply realize prisoners' actual living status and reinforce communication, each prisoner's building will hold a living status review meeting quarterly to respond prisoner's questions or other suggestions.

指標  General Service Section: 
Follow related regulations to supply prisoner's foods; manage the incomes from operation, employee's consuming cooperative and selling out rice bran and swill; enrich food supply on annual festivals; maintain food's both quantity and quality on healthy and nourishing aspects. 
(1). Supply single- and multi-person cells to prisoners; the cell's space is wide and good in ventilation and luminance. 
(2). Grant two sets of winter/summer suits plus one piece of jacket to each of the prisoners; and see the working requirement granting working clothes to them. 
(3). To enhance the public service and build public claim channel, there is a chairman's mailbox built in the reception room and claim hotline for the public to claim their problems. 
(4). Improve prisoner's life and punishment status, reinforce the custody safety measure, and increase public-convenient measure as well as care about employees' families. 
(5). Advocate environmental protection activities. 
(6). Boost office cleanness activity. 
(7). Fulfill trash classification and resources recycle tasks. 
(8). Actively drive good neighborhood relation. 
(9). Apply gate guarding force to enhance the patrol activity and fulfill neighborhood cooperation. 
(10). Allow the external authorities employees or the public applying to use the entertainment rooms and police cars if so required. 
(11). Accommodate to the development of local tour industry, actively connect the township office to be in charge of certain sections of driveway and beach. 
(12). Open the basketball court and green zone to the public for recreation, sports or play use. 
(13). Use employees' donation to associate the Humanity Group and perform poverty-care activities. 
(14). Repair escape canal and water reservation tank to prevent the 2nd environmental pollution. 
As along with the unceasing change of time, crime correction measure is timely upgrading as well. The idea of executing criminals has been gradually changed to secure prisoner's legal rights, respect their human rights and figure out how to reform prisoners as able to going back to the society normally. 
And all teaching measure should begin with humanity standpoint; educate prisoners rather than punish them; use charity and forgiveness to reinforce care to prisoners, expecting to inspire them reforming themselves from the dark side, which thus would bring the society peacefulness in return. 
Follow the Ministry of Justice's instructions: 
Four orientations: “Humanity”, “Transparent”, “Reasonable” and “Schooling”; and 
Three emphases: “Balance the teaching and custody”, “Balance the skill training and operation” and “Balance the treatment and guidance”. 

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