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Phone Call Reception

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  • Last updated:2022-06-21
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Phone Call Reception


In order to facilitate the public, the Lyudao Prison has followed the Ministry of Justice's letter (No: MOJ-83-Jian 24043, 1994.11.5) to initiate this phone call reception service, which can make prisoner's relatives contacting prisoners for urgent conditions or unable to come to the Prison meeting the prisoners by certain reason

1. Scope applied to:

Prisoner's direct consanguinities, spouse, parents-in-law, or siblings

2. Scope not applied to:

(1) Prisoner being banned to any reception or mail correspondence by prosecutor or judge, or being pended for the reception rights from breaking regulations and is still under assessing procedure.
(2) Listed as quarantined prisoner and still is under assessing procedure.

3. Allowable reception frequency:
Once per week, regardless prisoner's level.
4. Reception time:
09:00~11:00, 14:00~16:00, Monday to Friday; six minutes per one reception.

5. Reservation time:

Monday to Friday AM09 : 00 ~ 11 : 00 、PM 14 : 00 ~ 16 : 00

6. Reservation hotline:



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